• Base, the Coinbase incubated Layer 2 network based on Optimism’s OP stack has taken the Ethereum ecosystem by storm.
• The Base core team has outlined plans for decentralization to address concerns of centralization.
• Coinbase has expressed commitment to not exert control over the blockchain.


Base, the Coinbase incubated Layer 2 network based on Optimism’s OP stack has taken the Ethereum ecosystem by storm. In just over two weeks of its launch, the network has attracted nearly one million users and amassed a TVL of about $243 million per L2Beat data at the time of writing. Despite its success, some concerns have lingered over the network’s centralization prompting plans for decentralization. Coinbase has also pledged not to disrupt operation of the network for business interests.

Plans For Decentralization

The Base core team unveiled plans to move to a decentralized model through technical changes and upgrade management in a blog post on August 24th. To reduce risk of network and fault-proof failures, multiple fault-proof clients will be integrated and decentralized with currently running OP-geth client and implementation of OP-reth client expected next. A “Security Council” will be tasked with managing upgrades through a multi-signature contract with council members being independent, geographically distributed community members according to Upgrade dictated by Optimism’s Law Of Chains .

Coinbase’s Commitment To Neutrality

Concerns have been raised about whether Coinbase would ultimately control protocol as it is developed by centralized exchange platform prompting it to assert commitment not to exert control over blockchain. This comes as part of continuation of company’s mission “to create an open financial system for everyone” where people can access financial services without permission from any third parties or centralized authorities such as government or banks .


The promise from Coinbase that it will commit to neutrality while Base simultaneously moves towards decentralization is significant news for Ethereum ecosystem as it provides assurance that users‘ funds are secure from interference from centralized authorities while allowing level playing field for applications built on protocol .


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